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Known as THE AMPLIFIER, i’m a Global Social Media Coordinator, passionate about Inbound Marketing and always up to date with the latest trends. My goal: transforming and successfully drive a company into a Social Business.




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“Alin came out of the BullGuard support team and is commited to driving the BullGuard community with all that it takes. Alin is loyal, dedicated and good at delivering projects on time.”

Morten Kjærsgaard, CCO

“I worked closely with Alin at Bullguard while he put all of his amazing energy, skill and enthusiasm into creating and successfully growing an online presence for the company across social media, forums and communities.

Alin is a breeze to work with and an inspiration to all around him, with a positive, professional and dedicated approach to everything he goes to work on. His great attitude combined with an inherent desire to learn new things and share all that he knows to help those around him, should be Chapter 1 in a “How To Be The Best Colleague You Can Be” textbook, which in turn should be compulsory reading for employees past, present and future.

He’s also really clever and able to adapt quickly and effortlessly to new realities and expectations from his peers and managers. He is a straightforward and honest guy who’s not afraid to voice an opinion, but who, thanks to his diplomatic and empathetic disposition, knows when to let it go.
He delivers on time and on spec (at the very least), and thinks outside the proverbial box on a daily basis.
And yes, he’s a really good laugh, too!

I can recommend Alin as a valuable addition to any team, in any company, anywhere in the world.”

Katrine Palsby, PR and Communications Manager

“Alin is a passionate, hard working professional who also happens to love his job. I’ve witnessed him develop from a Web Content Specialist position to practitioner Social Media Manager through a perpetual strive to improve his game. His eagerness to learn may be a strong asset, but it’s his heart and sheer determination that will take him places.”

Alexandru Dima, Global Affiliate Sales Manager

“Around 4 years ago, when Alin joined BullGuard, we were just starting the French Support project inside the Customer Support Team. He was the first person to be hired for this task and a significant contributor to the development of the team in terms of helping out new colleagues, translations, suggestions and overall by being a good team-player and always stepping up when necessary.

Later on, when he became even more involved in Support activities, Alin was very focused on the BullGuard online presence, by sharing reviews, articles and outside opinions with the team and managing our Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin accounts. He was also a constant presence on forums, answering questions or helping out customers or partners in solving BullGuard related issues.

It was only natural that, when a job opportunity which would require a person to take our online presence to a new level in our Marketing Team was presented to me, I recommended him for the job without hesitation. During those first trial weeks, he also showed that he is a self-taught person, very conscientious, hard working and reliable. I was of course sad to see him go, but very glad that we get to keep such good people inside our company and see them evolve.

As a person, he is calm, understanding and loyal. If given a task, he will make sure to complete it in time, as he is ambitious and task driven, also good with deadlines.”

Andreea Tisu, Head of Customer Support

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